October 28, 2022
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10 Things You Can Do With Your DNA Results

From researching your ancestors from more than 5,000 years ago to helping with your skin, here are 10 things you can do with your DNA test results!
Tomohiro Takano

The moment has arrived - that long-awaited email containing your DNA results is here! After reading the DNA test results, you may be wondering what’s next. 

While most companies can’t provide more information than where you come from, Genomelink can take things to the next level. They provide the best DNA testing that goes much farther than any free ancestry search. 

Here are 10 things you can do with your DNA test results with Genomelink. 

  1.  Discover Family History  

Have you ever wondered how deep your DNA results can really take you? With the Farmer and Hunters-Gathers report, you can discover a variety of information about your ancient ancestors. From diet and lifestyle to their appearance, you can uncover more about your history and see how far you’ve come. Tracing their migration patterns can help you learn more about your family and where they lived throughout events in history. You can discover new areas to explore and gain a little direction for your wanderlust. 

  1. Find Your Ancestry by Chromosome 

Genomelink takes your raw DNA information to a deeper level. With this report, you can understand which chromosomes are linked most highly with specific ethnicities. Then, take a deep dive into each ethnicity and understand more about them. Taking your DNA to a chromosomal level provides you with even more information about your ancestry. This type of report is also fun to compare with other members of your family. Your siblings will likely get much different results. Exploring each part of your family may help you to discover more than you ever imagined. 

  1.  DNA Allergy Test 

Have you ever wondered if you just dislike something or are actually allergic? Are you scared to try certain foods because of fear of anaphylactic shock? The DNA Allergy test through Genomelink can answer these questions. Using genome-wide association and over 10,000 studies you can discover allergies to common foods such as shrimp and peaches. Better understanding your allergies can help put you in control. Help push your food fears aside with the best DNA testing.  

  1.  Genetic Health Testing 

Your DNA test results can also be used for genetic health testing. Genomelink offers insight into your potential high-risk health concerns. The Organ Wellness report takes a look at your gut health, digestion, genitourinary, etc. The DNA Wellness report looks over potential issues with your heart, body condition, and pain. Each of these reports gives you a deeper look at your genetics and how they play a role in your health. The report also provides information about what you can do regarding the issue.

Recognizing potential health risks sooner can help you to take control of your health. Solutions can be as simple as taking a specific supplement or adding something into your diet. DNA testing can provide much more information about your ancestry. Take your DNA results to the next level with genetic health testing. 

  1.  Receive Fitness Advice  

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? The Fitness report uses your data to help you understand your genetic traits. By partnering with experts in sports genetics, Genomelink offers you specific and detailed recommendations to get your best workout. The results address both aerobic training and resistance training for ultimate physical fitness. 

Whether you are a fitness beginner or a gym rat pro, we can all use a little insight into what workouts are best for our body from our DNA. These types of revolutionary tests can really change your performance level and help you get a more effective workout. 

  1.  Explore Nutrition Advice  

Your DNA results can also provide information as to what Vitamins you may be lacking. With the Nutrition Report, you receive a nutrition analysis of your genetics. It also includes food recommendations based on your genetic score. 

For example, you may need a higher intake of Vitamin D based on your DNA analysis and genetic score. It shows some common problems those who need more Vitamin D face such as dry skin, dandruff, etc. It then makes suggestions about what foods are high in that Vitamin and how much is considered a serving. For instance, someone low in Vitamin D can eat tuna, salmon, yogurt, egg yolk, or drink milk. 

Understanding what vitamins your body needs can help you to stay healthy and avoid numerous health issues. 

  1.  Consider Your Wellness 

The best DNA testing should also look at your mental wellness. With Genomelink, you can access a well-being summary that includes a roadmap to learning the best ways to support yourself. Awareness about your genetic mental health is essential to your health overall. 

Finding ways to use your DNA test results to better your health can majorly impact your life. Being proactive about your mental health is key to your wellbeing. 

  1.  Skin Care Concerns Explained   

Your genome also plays a big role in your skin. Using the latest genetic research, Genomelink analyzes your genetic profile and provides skincare recommendations catered to you. 

Your skincare summary will look over skin sensitivity, texture, elasticity, firmness, water level, inflammation, and pigmentation. It will also show what your level of risk you are for things like cellulite and wrinkles. The report then lists personalized advice for some things you can do to help your skin. 

Avoid breakouts, wrinkles, and other annoying skin issues with the Skincare Report

  1.   Analyze Your Personality

The Personality report matches your psychology framework with your genetic big 5 trait score. It then will help you to find what careers may be best for you based on your DNA results. While this report is just for fun, it can give you some insight into your personality and preferences and potentially help you discover the perfect career. 

  1. Determine If Your DNA Affects Your Political Views

This fun DNA-based report compares your “political-related” genetic markers with your political views. Your DNA test results and your quiz-based results will define how much your DNA affects your political views. By taking your DNA results to the next level, you will discover even more about what makes you, you. 

Genomelink: The Best DNA Testing 

Genomelink has truly opened the DNA testing doors and shown amazing opportunities for what you can do with your DNA. From researching your ancestors from more than 5,000 years ago to helping with your skin, the information feels unlimited.

The science-backed information comes from a collection of over 10,000 genetics studies. Genomelink is partnered with the best in Genetic Science such as Stanford and UC Berkeley to ensure you are getting the most recent and relevant information. 

If you are ready to learn all the information your raw DNA can provide, check out Genomelink.

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO