October 24, 2022

Analyze Your DNA Results Further: Food Choices

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn exactly what nutrients your body needs, or receive personalized fitness advice based on your specific genetics?
Tomohiro Takano

Genetic testing is one of the best ways you can learn about your ancestors and the lives they lived. Your DNA can be the key to unlock the door to the past and discover your roots, the places your ancestors lived, and connect you with family members across the world. 

But, your DNA can also tell you a lot more than information about your ancestry. Genetic testing has developed in ways to give you a lot of insight and information about yourself. Have you ever heard of nutrigenomics? It’s the study of how food affects a person’s genes and how genes affect the way your body reacts to food.  

Each day the food choices you make, directly affect your body's performance. Wouldn’t it be great to learn specific nutrients your body needs? What about personalized fitness advice tailored to your genome? This level of scientific information is available with Genomelink. With the the best DNA testing on the market, you can learn more than you ever thought possible. 

The Genomelink Difference 

When you sign up for a DNA kit from one company, the experience is limited to the services within that company. With Genomelink, users have access to a wide variety of resources and can discover impactful information about their genes and health. 

Genomelink can help you to make the best food choices for your body. 

The best DNA testing shouldn’t just tell you where you are from, it should tell you where you are going. Geneomelink uses the most recent genetic research to inform you about ways to improve your health, fitness, and wellness. They are led by industry experts and have curated over 10,000 genetic studies to give you the most recent and relevant genetic research. Allowing you to apply results from your genetic tests to your daily life is an amazing opportunity. 

So, how do they do it?

Genetic Testing

Genomelink takes your raw DNA information from sites like AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage to the next level. Using genetic testing as a tool to help you to better understand your body will allow you to discover your full genetic potential. 

The science-backed research will help you find what you are really made of. Imagine the impact this information can make concerning your health and wellness. This can help you to make better and more informed decisions daily. 

If you are curious what your results will look like and if they can truly help your eating habits, there are sample reports available. One of the reports from Genomelink is the Nutrition Report

DNA Nutrition Report

The DNA nutrition report is one of the best ways Genomelink uses genetic testing is to provide food recommendations. Using your genetic score, you will receive detailed information about what foods you need. Forget always trying to figure out what your body needs to perform at a higher level. With the best DNA testing, the hard work is done for you.  

Using your raw DNA, Genomelink analyzes your genetic profile to determine the optimal intake levels of key micronutrients you need. With advanced genomics and a special questionnaire, you will have your answers in no time. This report will give you a look into specific vitamins your body needs. 

For example, everyone needs Vitamin A for our vision, immune system, cell division, etc. But do you really know foods that are rich in Vitamin A? The DNA nutrition report shows which foods contain each vitamin listed and how much of the food is considered a serving. 

The DNA nutrition report also shows your genetic score and your questionnaire score for each vitamin. This report identifies if the normal intake of each specific vitamin is enough or if your body shows a higher need. 

The report will explain that experiencing issues such as dandruff, dry skin, and frequent colds in combination with specific genes you have may show your body needs more Vitamin A. Eating sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots can help improve these health issues. 

Understanding what foods and vitamins your body needs more of is essential to your health. It can help you to think more clearly, perform better physically, and may help you to live longer. 

Imagine your next trip to the grocery store. With the nutrition report, there is no need to wander up and down each aisle curious about what foods you need. The detailed list of foods will help you to make decisions that help your body get what it needs. You can easily create a weekly menu and include your needed foods. Genetic testing can help you to change the way you eat and the way you view your food. 

Making better and more informed food choices is one of the best ways you can use results from DNA testing. 

Nutrigenomics: The Key to Better Health

Using Genomelink and nutrigenomics to inform your eating can change your life. Choosing foods that fuel your body's needs can help you to improve your health. Eating shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all mindset. 

While everyone needs proper nutrition, some people may need more vitamins than another. Recognizing what foods will help your body perform its best can really benefit you. Eating the right foods can help you prevent diet-related illness, improve your mood, sustain your energy, and help your digestive system. The best DNA testing should do a lot more than just tell you about your ancestors. 

The ability to implement information from your raw DNA into your daily life is amazing. This type of science can now be brought into your home and help your body and mind perform their best. With the right nutrition, there is no telling how your overall life will improve. From more clear thinking to resolving digestive issues, nutrigenomics can help. 

Genomelink has created a new standard for your personalized DNA information. Learning about your ancestry is great, but it won’t improve your health or help you make better food choices. Choosing Genomelink allows you to discover the next level of health and wellness.

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO