February 8, 2019
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Beyond ancestry: Unique genetic traits you can find out by uploading your raw DNA data, other than your genealogy

Food and Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, Physical Traits and Fitness… Upload your raw DNA data to learn more about yourself!
Tomohiro Takano
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There are about 25 million people out there that have a vested interest in self-discovery, through nothing more intimate than the DNA that makes us who we are. Perhaps you are one of those 25 million people who has started down the path of uncovering the intimate truths of your heritage, but now what? Is your path of continuing to add to your self-identity over?

The answer is no. There is so much more you can learn about yourself, from your body’s nutritional needs, personality traits, intelligence, and more! We have compiled a comprehensive list of genetic traits available on Genomelink that you can learn about by simply uploading your DNA data!

1. Food and Nutrition
2. Personality
3. Intelligence
4. Physical Traits
5. Fitness

All traits listed below are available on Genomelink — Uploading your raw DNA data and analysis on your first 25 traits are free!

1. Food and Nutrition

Nutrition is an imperative part of our lives, to both sustain and improve our health. Each of us is equally unique from one another, and our bodies process nutrients differently. Understanding how your body specifically digests and utilizes different nutrients can be a key factor in optimizing your health!

Genetic traits such as protein intake, caffeine metabolism, vitamin absorption, fat intake, blood glucose, and so much more can make a huge difference in how we understand how our bodies function, and therefore, can help us better care for ourselves.

Food and Nutrition-related genetic traits on Genomelink:

Protein Intake / Carbohydrate Intake / Affinity for Red Wine / Affinity for White Wine / Smell Sensitivity for Malt / Smoking Behavior / Bitter Taste / Caffeine Metabolite Ratio / Caffeine Consumption / Alcohol Drinking Behavior / Egg Allergy / Peanut Allergy / Milk Allergy / Vitamin A/ Vitamin B12 / Vitamin D / Vitamin E / Response to Vitamin E Supplementation / Folate / Calcium / Magnesium / Phosphorus / Iron / Alpha-Linolenic Acid / Beta-Carotene / Blood Glucose / Fat Intake / Smell Sensitivity for Apples / Shrimp Allergy / Peach Allergy

2. Personality

How we identify as individuals can be largely centered around our personalities and how we interact with others. Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between? Do you have tendencies to feel lonely or depressed? Are you able to recognize facial expressions easily and feel empathy?

You would be surprised by how science is beginning to link our personalities with genetic predispositions encoded in our DNA. Our predispositions for personality traits such as loneliness, harm-avoidance, agreeableness, reward-dependence, and countless others are influenced by specific genetic variants within our DNA. Uncover what the latest research in science is linking with your personality!

Personality traits that can be uncovered on Genomelink:

Agreeableness / Neuroticism / Extraversion / Conscientiousness / Openness / Depression / Anger / Reward Dependance / Harm-avoidance / Gambling / Novelty-seeking / Facial-emotion-recognition / Social-Communication Problems / Instant Gratification / Fear-of-pain / Empathy / Loneliness

3. Intelligence

You may be surprised to know that there is a growing number of genomic research studies to understand the relationship between your cognitive ability and your genetics. The results are currently only statistical findings, and your intelligence is not solely defined by genetics. However, it is true that there are studies related to intellectual abilities such as memory performance, mathematical ability, and educational-attainment.

Do you dare to find out?

Intelligence traits available on Genomelink:

Childhood-Intelligence / Hearing Function / Intelligence / Mathematical Ability / Word Reading Ability / Reading and Spelling Ability / Hippocampal Volume / Memory Performance / Brain Arousal at Resting State / Cognitive Attainment

4. Physical Traits

Who we are physically is due to our very own DNA. How we grow, the rate we grow at, and what we look like is all due to our genetic code. You may not wonder as much about physical traits that you can already see in yourself, but did you know that being a “morning person” is genetically influenced? Other things like tanning ability, how much sleep you need, and the development of sagging eyelids are all linked to your genetics. Uncovering what physical traits are encoded in your DNA may surprise you more than you think, and allows you to know even more nitty-gritty details of who you are.

Physical traits available to you on Genomelink:

Eye Color / Beard Thickness / Morning Person / Weight / BMI / Motion Sickness / Lobe Size / Longevity / Skin Pigmentation / Male Pattern Baldness / Freckles / Height / Body Fat Mass / Lean Body Mass / Body Fat Percentage / Visceral and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue / Waist / Waist Hip Ratio / Breast Size / Sleep Duration / Excessive Daytime Sleepiness / Job Related Exhaustion / Facial Wrinkles / Sagging Eyelids / Double Edged Eyelids / Excessive Sweating / Age Spots / Eyebrow / Hair Texture / Excessive hairiness / Tanning / Pulmonary Function / Endurance Performance / Post Exercise Heart Rate Recovery Rate / Muscular Strength / Heart Rate Increase During Exercise / Habitual Physical Activity

5. Fitness

Do you have a sport you love, or a physical activity you enjoy doing everyday? For some of us, going to the gym is a daily necessity. For others it is playing basketball, soccer, or baseball. Whatever it is that you do, there are genetic components that impact your performance in these activities, and understanding these may help you improve your personal best.

Predispositions for fitness traits such as endurance performance, muscular strength, and even habitual physical activity are encoded in your DNA. Of course, just as with intelligence, your genetic tendencies don’t determine your actual ability. However, knowing the genetics behind what influences your physical performance not only helps you understand yourself, but may help you train more efficiently and effectively.

Examples of Fitness Traits available on Genomelink:

Endurance Performance / Post Exercise Heart Rate Recovery Rate/ Muscular Strength / Heart Rate Increase During Exercise/ Habitual Physical Activity

Although scientific research is rapidly advancing and new discoveries are being made continuously, the findings from many studies may be merely statistical or have limitations. Additionally, please take into consideration when interpreting your results that many environmental factors play a role in shaping who we are as individuals.

Further unveil your detailed genetic information on Genomelink!

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO