January 3, 2023
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Can Diseases Be Traced Through DNA?

Even DNA at-home test kits offer insights into your heritage, ancestry, and what your bloodline endured. But, can diseases be traced through DNA tests?
Tomohiro Takano

Can Diseases Be Traced Through DNA?

After the pandemic hit with the novel coronavirus, many people jumped aboard the ‘get healthy’ train. Whether it be to eat healthier, get more sleep, or simply change the mindset of what healthy is, health and wellness have taken a front seat.

Even DNA at-home test kits offer insights into your heritage, ancestry, and what your bloodline endured. But does this include knowing diseases you may be predisposed to?

Here is everything you need to know:

What is a DNA Test?

DNA tests require a sample from the person. The sample can be provided in the following ways:

·       Urine

·       Semen

·       Spit

·       Hair

·       And more

For the most part, DNA testing requires to spit into a tube or a simple cheek swab. Your unique genetic code will then be examined and revealed.

What Can You Learn from a DNA Test?

There are many benefits to getting a DNA test.

Long-lost relatives

If you are looking for relatives that may still be alive, submitting your at-home DNA test is a great way to find out. Analysts will use DNA matching to determine who you are related to.

Where your ancestors came from

Your unique genetics will inform you of where your ancestors came from. Not only will the DNA results show you your heritage from the starting point and continent, but they can show you where they moved next and when it occurred.

Shared traits

If you want to know what traits you share with your ancestors, you may get lucky with your DNA test. DNA can suggest not only similar physical traits but personality traits as well.

Your true heritage

Many people are under the impression that their specific heritage is concrete. However, with DNA tests, those preexisting notions may be discovered that they are not as correct as you might have thought. You could actually be a whole new heritage or not as much as a specific heritage as you were told. 

Find your parent

If you were adopted, odds are you do not know who you birth parents are. With at-home DNA tests, you may get lucky and discover your biological parents. With DNA matching, the amount of genetic markers that are shared can determine whether or not they may be likely to be your parents.

Can Diseases Be Traced Through DNA?

Although you can find much more information about yourself through DNA, can any sort of diseases be traced through your DNA? The answer: YES! There are many health ailments that can be found in your unique DNA.  They include but are not limited to:

·       Obesity

·       Breast cancer

·       Huntington’s disease

·       Cystic fibrosis

·       Familial adenomatous polyposis

·       And more

Specific mutations in shared DNA can give you an idea whether you are predisposed to a future health complication. This gives you the much-needed opportunity to prepare and take preventative measures for your health. Your DNA and its link to your past ancestors may hold the key to saving your own life.

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO