September 20, 2021
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5 things you should know before buying DNAfit

Curated information by experts, including reports covered, DNAFit reviews, cost and about free DNA data upload.
Tomohiro Takano

Trying to get fit, build muscle, or lose weight? You may want to consider DNAFit, a company that customizes your workout to your DNA. We, at Genomelink, think it is of the utmost importance to select the genetic DNA testing company that is right for you. As such, we have provided our standardized DNAFit review so you can easily compare it with other companies. Check it out below!

1. About the Company

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

3. DNAFit Reviews

4. Cost

5. Upload Raw DNA Data from DNAFit

1. About the company

Quick Facts:

Company Name: DNAFit (Owned by Prenetics)
Foundation Year: 2012
Location: London, England, UK
Monthly Visits: 100,000+
Number of Databases: Unknown

DNAFit is a relatively new entity in the genetic testing realm, focusing on how your genetic makeup may affect your fitness. The company specializes in conducting DNA analysis and finding, researching, and providing reports on how your genetic profile may affect things like your carbohydrate sensitivity, your propensity for endurance sports, or your risk of sustaining a soft tissue injury. DNAFit users also have access to phone consultations, a fitness coach, a meal plan for an optimal diet, and other personalized information based on your genetic results.

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

With a DNAFit genetic profile test, you can expect many different aspects in your final report. Below is a summary of what to expect.

DNAFit Report Overview

  • Understand how your DNA affects the processing of nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Get a training program tailored to your genetic makeup
  • Use a Fitness Coach to get specific weight loss tips
  • Use the meal planner tool to help establish lifestyle changes
  • Understand how your genes may give you an advantage in certain areas, such as endurance sports

Wondering whether DNAfit is legit? Or whether investing in DNAfit is worth it? Let me tell you that the results you receive from DNAFit will contain all the information you need to maximize your workout, weight loss, or training plan, all based on information from your DNA analysis. After having your DNA analyzed, the company will provide you with a series of reports, available through the online portal. Anything related to fitness, from diet to how your muscles respond to stress, is included in the report. The platform also comes with access to personal trainers, which can customize a workout for you based on your genetic profile and your lifestyle. For instance, if you hate the gym and like to workout at home, the fitness coach can customize a training program for your needs.

The link below contains a full sample report with more information about what to expect from a DNAFit genetic DNA testing kit.

DNAFit Sample Report

3. Reviews

Thousands of DNAFit users have reviewed DNAFit on a number of websites. Check it out!

  • 5 of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with over 2,000 reviews
  • 3.3 of 5 stars on Amazon, with 20+ reviews
  • See what people are saying about DNAFit on the this Reddit page

4. Cost

DNAFit offers 3 basic packages, which provide slightly different genetic DNA analysis.

  1. The Diet Fit DNA testing kit is $89 and provides information pertaining to how your DNA may affect your metabolism.
  2. The Body Fit DNA testing kit analyzes aspects of your genetics which may affect your workout, training regimen, and athleticism. This test is $142.
  3. The final test, the Health Fit test, combines both of these aspects into a total package, for $164.
  4. Further, if you have already done a DNA test with 23andMe or AncestryDNA, you can simply upload your raw DNA data for $64. This option still gives you access to a personal health coach, meal and training plans, and fitness and diet insights.

5. Raw Data Portability

DNAFit does allow you the ability to upload your genetic data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA. However, in the DNAfit vs. 23andMe fight, DNAfit loses out as they do not give you the ability to download your genetic data. This is unfortunate because there are a number of other genetic DNA testing companies that can analyze your raw DNA data file for other aspects your genetics may influence, such as health risks you may face because of your genetic variants or genetic ancestry information. Many of these companies offer free services and can give you additional insights into your genetic profile.

Everything You Need to Know About DNAFit

DNAFit works by analyzing your DNA to provide personalized insights related to your fitness and health. It uses genetic testing to provide personalized insights and support related to your fitness and health, based on your unique genetic makeup. DNAFit testing is easy. Order your DNAfit kit and take your DNA sample with a saliva swab. Mail it back to their on of their labs for testing, and results are available in 10-15 days. 

Here's a brief overview of how DNA Fit testing works:

  1. DNA Sample Collection: First, you need to order a DNA testing kit from DNAFit. Once you receive the kit, you will need to collect a DNA sample, typically through a simple cheek swab.

  2. DNA Analysis: After you send in your sample, DNAFit will analyze your DNA using advanced genetic testing technologies. They will look at specific genetic markers that are associated with traits related to fitness, health, and nutrition.

  3. Personalized Reports: DNAFit will use the results of your DNA analysis to generate personalized reports that provide insights into how your genetic makeup may affect different aspects of your health and fitness. These reports may include information on nutrient processing, athletic performance, injury risk, and more.

  4. Access to Coaching and Support: In addition to the reports, DNAFit provides access to a fitness coach, a meal plan, and other personalized support based on your genetic results. This can help you make lifestyle changes and optimize your fitness and health based on your genetic profile.

DNA Fit Reviews

Before using you may want to read reviews based on the experience of others. Trustpilot has over 2,000 DNAFit reviews for you to reference, with more being added over time. Amazon also has reviews, but from our research, the reviews are old and not telling of their current business experience. DNAFit also has positive testimonials from professional athletes and fitness experts, which can be found on their website. 

They have also been nominated and won many awards and business recognitions, including Two Historic Queen’s Awards. DNAfit was named within the 2017 TransTech 200 list, and was recognised as being one of the first companies to deliver DNA results for programmatic outcomes in both exercise and nutrition.

Currently their review rating on Trustpilot is 4.2, with most of the DNA Fit reviews being 5-star. Satisfied users reported receiving fast and personalized results, useful data, and info was helping them make informed health choices. The concerns noted in the 1-star reviews include frustrations with the usability of the app, disappointing results, and poor customer service experience. 

Overall, DNAFit can be a useful tool for gaining insights into your genetic profile and making personalized lifestyle modifications. However, it is important to read the reviews to make your own decision if it’s right for you. They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, with some stipulations, if you’re unhappy with your experience. And remember, DNAFit's results are not a medical diagnosis and should be used in conjunction with advice from a medical professional.

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Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO