January 1, 2020
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Genomelink Review: What Our Customers Say | Genomelink

A Genomelink review snapshot of what our users say about us as we strive to help you understand your DNA identity.
Tomohiro Takano

In a blink of an eye it seems to go from the New Year to the turn of the holiday season, and with that comes reflection on the ground we’ve covered so far this year and where we are headed. 

From the start, we’ve strived to help our users better understand themselves through their DNA on a more personalized level. 

In this reflection process, as we talk with our customers on a continuous basis, we’ve started identifying some patterns in the comments we’re hearing -- our unique selection of traits, that they can keep learning from their DNA with Genomelink, and how easy Genomelink is to use! 

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying, and why they believe Genomelink stands out in the sea of genetic testing options... 

Unique Traits 

Whether you are curious about fun every day aspects of yourself or deeper levels of your health and wellbeing, Genomelink provides you with a wide range of traits to help you understand who you are genetically. By understanding our predispositions, we may be able to live healthier and develop better lifestyles. Our genetics alone does not dictate who we become, but are vital in better understanding ourselves. 

“If I was impressed with 23andMe’s results, I was blown away by Genomelink’s. It was so interesting to see what my DNA revealed, and fascinating to see what they could tell simply by looking at my genes, from my hair color to health issues to the likelihood of allergies. Highly recommend!” (Stephanie; July 13, 2019)

“Genomelink is a great resource for any questions you may have about your traits. I was excited to upload my DNA and learn more about myself. What an excellent opportunity.” (Denise; July 14, 2019)

Continuous & Free Knowledge

Learning about yourself is not a one-off thing, and as genetics continues to be heavily researched, new correlations and findings are made every day! Keeping users informed and updated is a top priority at Genomelink, which is why we are passionate about the new weekly traits we send our users. 

“I can't believe I get so many new traits and all for free! I regret paying $29 for another site that didn't even show me as many traits as on here and stopped updating me on new traits.” (Hung; July 14, 2019)

Having the core value that knowledge is power, we offer 25+ traits for free so that people who have genetic testing results from 23andMe, Ancestry, and/or MyHeritage can experience a portion of what Genomelink has to offer.  

“I love being able to see the traits through my DNA. I uploaded my DNA that I got from AncestryDNA, and I am still able to access benefits on Genomelink. It's great!” (Michael; July 15, 2019)

We highly value our users at Genomelink, and thoroughly enjoy gifting new fun and informative weekly traits that generate interesting conversation and comparison with family and friends around your genetic traits. 

“I really enjoy using Genomelink and I love the free new insights each week!” (Krystal; July 26, 2019)

Easy AND Understandable

Understanding your genetics should not feel over your head, and definitely should not feel “pull your hair out” stressful. Even with no science background, learning about your genetics should feel exciting and achievable. 

“Great website to get insights on your genome. You upload your genome and they will give you some information about your DNA based on scientific research. The UI is very clean and easy to navigate. Highly recommend.” (Raphaël; September 10, 2019)

“Very good service. The traits associated with DNA is amazing! Genomelink really breaks down your traits and gives you insight into yourself.” (Duncan; July 13, 2019)

Along with striving to educate our users with digestible knowledge, fun is the name of the game at Genomelink. We pride ourselves on having an interface our users not only enjoy, but find extremely user friendly. Genetics is already seemingly overwhelming to many, so there is no need to make the process any more complicated when navigating your trait reports.

“Love the interface. Clean, clear and intuitive. Lots of findings that other sites don't have.” (Hilary; July 13, 2019)

Lastly, we want to make the learning process as straightforward as possible for our users, so we attempt to exemplify that by providing the reliability, study references, and SNP’s information for each trait so you know exactly how your trait results were determined and how seriously we feel you should consider them. 

“Nice variety of analyses based on uploaded DNA. Bonus traits weekly. I have found more than a few insights that are valuable to me. Also like that they provide a reliability analysis on each trait.” (Douglas, July 14, 2019)

“Genomelink is informative and provides info as to the evidence base of the traits.” (Catheleen; July 17, 2019)

With all that being said… 

We simply want to thank you! Our customers and supporters are the ones who have gotten us to where we are, and we are thrilled to be a part of your genetics journey.  

We are so appreciative of the positivity that has surrounded our platform, and is the inspiration we use in our daily efforts to improve and expand our service.

If you have not tried Genomelink already, sign up. After all, your first 25+ traits are free, so what do you have to lose?

Also check out our Trustpilot reviews page, where you can see an extended list of what our users have to say about us! 

Thank you for supporting Genomelink! 

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO