October 28, 2022
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How Far Back Does Ancestry DNA Go?

Imagine all that you could discover with access to information about your ancestry from thousands of years ago. Now you can, with Geneomelink.
Tomohiro Takano

It seems like everywhere you go, people want to know who you are and where you come from. The fascination with individual histories helped lead to the phenomena of ancestry DNA. Ancestry DNA testing started in 2012 and has helped families across the world build connections, find one another, and discover stories of the past. Finding a relative you didn’t know about is exhilarating and can make you question everything you thought you knew. If you have ever wondered, “Should I test my DNA?” you aren’t alone. 

More than 26 million people have taken an at-home DNA test. Receiving your results is a great start to understanding more about your family and how their lives led to you. The excitement of learning more about your past can tie you to a new community and give you a sense of pride in your history. 

A free ancestry search may not offer a ton of information. But, there is much more available to you with a little help. Most companies offering DNA services have DNA test results that can take you back 6 to 8 generations. Learning about the past 200 years is awesome. What if there was a way to go even further?

Imagine all that you could discover with access to information about your ancestry from thousands of years ago. Leaders in genomics research have found a way to connect your DNA test results with history and give you results about your ancestors from thousands of years ago. 

Yes, THOUSANDS of years ago. You may be thinking, “How can my DNA lead back to thousands of years ago?” The answer is found in science with Genomelink

Ancient Ancestry 

A team led by Stanford University Professor Carlos D. Bustamante created an algorithm based on ancient and modern human DNA samples. This algorithm creates connections between your ancestry information and attributes of hunter-gathers, farmers, Indigenous Americans, West Africans, South Asians, etc. 

Your ancestry DNA can go back more than 5,000 years ago with Genomelink. With the Ancestry report, your DNA gets put into a historical context. 

Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you are going.” This is true as it applies to your ancestry DNA as well. A free ancestry search can provide you with some valuable information. But it won’t take a deep dive into your DNA at the chromosome level or give the science-backed analytics of your ancestry genealogy. 

So, what does it really give you? 

Comprehensive Ancestry Report

The Geneomelink Ancestry Report first gives you an in-depth analysis of your ancient admixture. This shows what percentage of Farmer, Hunter-gather, African, Native American, etc. you are. You then can access information all about these populations. 

For example, the report could show your Ancient Admixture is 25% Native American. The report discusses the origins of Native Americans, their culture, language, and migration history. Even if you are a history buff, there may be more to discover. Did you know that the native people of the New World descended from Siberia over 20,000 years ago? This level of detailed information and more is available to you. 

Discovering detailed information about your DNA can lead you to communities and cultures you didn’t know were part of who you are. Your DNA test results can reveal so much about what makes you, you. 

This report provides information about each part of your admixture that makes you who you are. Learning about the struggles and paths your family has taken can give you a whole new appreciation for your ancestors. 

This can also help you to build your family history and identify more about where you come from. Starting as far back as 5,000 years ago can help you uncover so much more about yourself and gives you access to much more than some free Ancestry search. The stories and lives of your ancestors are important to who you are. The comprehensive Ancestry Report takes your DNA test results to the next level. 

You can learn almost everything you have ever wanted to know about your personal history and how it intertwines with the past. These reports are an excellent way to bring history to life and give you access to more than you could have imagined.  

Does My DNA Hold Answers To The Past? 

Have you ever thought, “Does my DNA hold answers to the past?” It does. If you have been questioning and searching for more answers about your family, you hold the key to the answers. Genomelink takes your raw DNA from sites like AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage to give you even more access to your ancient ancestry, health research, etc. You can find everything you want to know.

If the information about your family 200 years ago isn’t enough, Genomelink is the way to go. With their access to thousands of years of history, you can discover your path to becoming who you are. 

The real question isn’t “How far back does Ancestry DNA go?” it’s “How far do I want my DNA to take me?” 

The Genomelink Difference

Genomelink doesn’t just provide answers to your past, it also provides insight into your future. While a free ancestry search offers some valuable information, it is limited. The Ancestry report is only a small piece of what’s available with Genomelink. The revolutionary site offers a detailed fitness report, nutrition report, insight into potential genetic health risks, and more. Offering an analysis of over 307 traits can help you to better understand your genome. 

Consider all the ways this information can impact your life. Not only do you have the ability to learn from your ancestors from thousands of years ago, but you also have the opportunity to learn from yourself today. Taking an active role in your health and fitness can change your future. 

The reports and valuable information provided by Genomelink are truly noteworthy. If you are ready to take an active role in your life through science with your DNA test results, Genomelink is the place to go.

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO