October 17, 2022
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How Your DNA Results Can Lead You To A Healthier Lifestyle

Your DNA can tell you all about your family history, trace your family’s history, and even connect you with living relatives.
Tomohiro Takano

Researchers say that less than 3% of Americans are considered to live a healthy lifestyle. This statistic is hard to digest. Take a moment to consider your lifestyle. Do you consider yourself to be a healthy individual?  No matter how you answer that question - we can all do something to improve our health.  Luckily, our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. While you may not be able to fix all of the damage done to your body over the years, you can certainly do things to improve. So, how does DNA come into play with a healthier lifestyle? 

DNA and a Healthier Lifestyle

Your DNA can tell you all about your family history, trace your family’s history, and even connect you with living relatives. Have you ever wondered what else it can do? What if your DNA could offer personalized fitness and nutrition advice and show your potential health risks? The science is there.  Best-in-class DNA analysis service Genomelink has created revolutionary reports to help you better identify ways to lead a healthier lifestyle through DNA health testing. 

How Does Genomelink DNA Health Testing Work?

Genomelink takes your raw DNA from sites like AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage and analyzes it further. This creates personalized reports regarding your fitness, wellness, and nutrition. With these reports, you can make better and more informed decisions regarding your well-being.

Using your DNA to implement changes into your daily life is a game changer. Imagine the difference you can make to your wellness if you knew what type of workouts and what types of foods were best for your body. These features are all available with Genomelink.

So, what does it look like? 

DNA Fitness Report

With the DNA Fitness Report, you can better understand your primary fitness traits, receive fitness guidelines to help maximize your workout, and get personalized advice tailored to your genome. 

This information will let you know the amount of aerobic training, resistance training for power, and resistance training for building muscle size that is best for you. Results are based on your four fitness phenotypes. With a detailed graph of each gene, you can better understand your genetic score.

The DNA Fitness report also gives examples and makes suggestions for each type of workout. For example, a 20-minute cycling high-intensity workout would include periods of warm-up, intense cycling, active rest, and a cool down. 

It also shares insight into how much weight and how many reps are needed for resistance training vs. power training. 

Many people feel anxious and unsure about going to the gym. They may not know what types of workouts to do and how long to do them. But, with the Fitness Report, you can get a better understanding of the workouts that work best for your body. Many of the workouts don’t require gym equipment at all. With a variety of options provided to you in the report, you can further tailor your workouts to meet your needs. 

This type of genetic health testing can help you create a healthier lifestyle. With the knowledge of how your body functions best, you can take the guesswork and stress out of working out and focus on the actual movements. 

DNA Wellness Report

Genomelink also offers a wellness report. With the wellness report, you receive a detailed analysis of your genetic risks. Genetic analysis like this can help you identify if you are at low, average, or high risk for health concerns such as gout, joint inflammation, high cholesterol, blood sugar issues, and more.

For example, one of the traits the report will analyze is your digestion and your risk for gallstones. Let’s say you have an 81% risk score. This shows you are at high risk. The report will compare your score to the total population and explain how you got this score. The DNA Wellness report also offers suggestions for what you can do to improve your areas of concern. Suggestions can include supplements and dietary recommendations. 

Understanding your level of risk for genetic health concerns is crucial to your well-being. You can take measures today to help lower your risk and combat these issues. Taking a leading role in your wellness with genetic analysis can undoubtedly lead you to a healthier lifestyle. 

These two reports are only a small portion of the information you get with DNA wellness analysis through Genomelink. Genomelink offers an analysis of over 307 traits. This is a great representation of the best DNA testing and where this knowledge can take you. 

Final Thoughts 

Receiving personalized information about your DNA can change your life. 

Why wait until there is a significant problem to reach out for help? With DNA health testing you can have a better idea about potential issues you may face and how to lower your risks. Recognizing risks associated with blood sugar, heart trouble, or high cholesterol can help to put you in action. Changing your lifestyle or diet when these risks are first recognized can help you put a stop to these issues before they get serious. Identifying supplements or foods that you need is an essential piece of the puzzle. 

Additionally, understanding what types of physical activity is most beneficial for you is also crucial. Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Learning what works best for your body can make a big difference in your performance. It also helps to take out the guesswork of what works best for your body. Starting a new fitness regimen can be intimidating for many people. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to working out, this report can help. 

The best DNA testing has moved past knowing where your ancestors come from. Using the genetic testing reports from Genomelink can help you better understand your body. Sir Francis Bacon is often quoted as saying, “Knowledge is power.” This is certainly true when it comes to your DNA and general well-being. A better understanding of your physical fitness needs and your genetic risks can help you make better choices daily. 

Genetic health testing gives you the tools you need to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO