November 4, 2022
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What Shows Up on Ancestry DNA

Take advantage of Geneomelink DNA testing to learn more about your ancestry and where you came from!
Tomohiro Takano

If you are considering doing some research about your ancestry and genealogy, or are curious about what will come up on your DNA test results, you aren’t alone. More than 26 million people have taken an at-home DNA test. 

Many people think they know all the answers when it comes to their genealogy and ancestry. But what if they’re wrong? Family traditions tied to one culture could have come from someplace entirely different than the “homeland”. DNA testing can give you insight into a more accurate history you didn’t even know existed. 

So the big question is, “What will show up on my DNA test results?” 

This answer can vary. A free ancestry search can provide some valuable information, but it may be limited. Other sites such as Genomelink provide a wealth of information that seems unlimited. 

However, most sites will give you some of the same types of information such as your ethnicity, family ties, and some detail about your ancestors' migration. 


Your ethnicity will be one of the main features of your DNA test results. This information provides a percentage breakdown of your ethnic origins. Sites like MyHeritage create your DNA ethnicity estimate by comparing your DNA markers to other groups. As each site grows, your DNA data can become more precise because there are more DNA samples to compare. This can update your results and cause them to vary from site to site. 

Family Ties

Your DNA test results will also give information about your family tree. For example, AncestryDNA will compare your DNA test results to other AncestryDNA members. You may find many kinds of family connections from a close relative to a distant cousin. The AncestryDNA match categories include parent/child, immediate family (siblings, grandparents, grandchildren), close family (aunts, uncles, etc.), first cousins, and second, third, and fourth cousins. If you and your relatives have a family tree, AncestryDNA will show you how you are related and track down shared ancestors. You can also opt to not be viewable to your DNA matches. 

Family ties often bring the most shocking information for many people. People have the ability to discover an unknown sibling, parent, or cousin. The connections created through this type of search are remarkable. 


Learning more about your ancestors through your DNA test results can include information about their migration. Using history and your DNA, you can get a clear picture of what life was like for your ancestors. You can uncover untold stories and become more engaged with how you became you. 

The most detailed migration information comes from Genomelink. Genomelink offers ancient ancestry dating back further than 5,000 years. Their algorithm analyzes ancient and modern human DNA samples to give you a detailed report of your “Ancient Admixture”. 

Your “Ancient Admixture” gives you results far beyond any free ancestry search. The report will take you through each of the factors of your DNA results.

For example, your report may show your African admixture is 23%. It will give you details about your ancestors’ migration, culture, language, etc. The details provided in your Ancient Ancestry report by Genomelink are unmatched. 

Learning more about your history can give you a better sense of who you are and allow you to appreciate your ancestors. 

Why Should I Do DNA Testing? 

DNA testing is great for a lot of reasons. First, it can unlock information about your past. While some may say “ignorance is bliss”, that may not always be true. Uncovering the truth about who you are and where you come from can give you a better sense of self. It can help you reconnect with the past and better understand your ancestors who came before you. By connecting your DNA with history, you can walk in the shoes of your ancestors. It also offers a way for real history to come to life.

DNA testing can also put you in touch with family members across the world. How awesome would it be to visit a cousin or other relative in another country? DNA testing can give you the perfect reason to travel and explore the world. 

While each of these reasons is a great example of what you can find through DNA testing, there is more awaiting you. 

Take Your Results to the Next Level

Results from a free ancestry search or sites like AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage give you great information about you and your family. But sometimes it can leave you wanting more. Once you get started learning about your ancestry, it can be hard to only receive surface-level information. What if you could know more? 

Genomelink offers a free DNA analysis so you can learn even more about your genome. They offer reports such as your chromosome ancestry and details about each type of ancestry and ethnicity you have. They also offer personalized nutrition advice, fitness advice, and can help you understand more about your risk for certain diseases. 

This is the next generation of DNA test results. The innovative science-backed information from Genomelink can tell you so much more about your ancestry, genealogy, and how it affects you today. 

The experts in the genealogy industry led by Stanford Professor Dr. Carlos Bustamante have collected over 10,000 genetics studies. They are partnered with pioneers in genetic studies such as UC Berkeley, Biobank of the Americas, etc. to ensure you are getting the most recent and relevant information. 

Your DNA test results are truly your ticket to the past. With personalized reports, you can discover almost anything you want to know. You never know the amazing facts you will uncover about who you are. Finding unknown relatives or connecting with new communities can create fantastic relationships and give you a more full life. With DNA test results, you also have the ability to better understand how your DNA can affect your future. 

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to reveal your past and recognize your future with the power of your DNA.

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO