February 16, 2023

Who am I? Free Personality Test with Your DNA Data - The Big Five and More!

Are you a fan of personality tests? Did you do a DNA test? If yes, you should check your personality type with your DNA data!
Tomohiro Takano

Personality quiz: Are you a fan of personality tests like Myers-Briggs type? Also, did you do a DNA test like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritage? If yes, you should check your personality type with your DNA data!

My name is Tomo. I’m the co-founder of Genomelink, a web platform where you can upload your raw DNA data to access more genetic traits such as Food & Nutrition, Fitness, Intelligence, and Physical Traits. And one of my favorites, of course, Personality Traits!

For centuries, scientists have been researching the relationship between genes and behavioral characteristics such as personality or cognitive ability. Recent research has shown that genetics plays a role in our personality. Of course, it is a complex science and a combination of environmental factors also influence and make up our personality type, but it is very interesting because recent science has revealed the mysterious relationship between our personality and genetics.

Are you still doubtful? Let's check my personality test results from DNA data!

With Genomelink, you can check 25+ personality traits with your DNA data. After you download your raw DNA data file from the genetic test company, it only takes 1 minute to upload to Genomelink. Some core personality traits are free to try! So, please check them out now!

And here you go... My Personality DNA Test Results!

More than 25 personality traits are available on Genomelink now!

OK, Let’s See… My “Genetic Personality” Results

● Low level of agreeableness (unfortunately for my team…)

Agreeableness is one of the personality traits in the five-factor model, a well-known assessment framework used in psychology. Agreeableness is the tendency to show compassion, trust, and be helpful or cooperative toward others.

Verdict: True

I’m strong-willed with a firm sense of independence. Ever since I was a child, I’ve preferred to take the path less trodden — I go against the crowd and rarely follow popular opinion. (It makes sense that I started my own company.)

● Low level of neuroticism (= very optimistic)

A neurotic person is prone to experiencing negative feelings like anxiety, depression, and emotional instability. Psychologists define neuroticism as one of the Big 5 psychological traits that form the basis of personality.

Verdict: True

My upbringing, education, and experience have conditioned me to tackle problems after evaluating all the risks, but I feel there’s always an optimistic part of me that thinks “everything’s going to be just fine.”

● Low level of anger (yes)

The quality of feeling easily angered or not is inherited. Anger is the state of feeling or showing rage and aggression. The genetic variation may be caused by the differential amount of chemicals released in the brain when we experience upsetting situations, which contribute to a greater or lesser physiological and psychological response in those situations.

Verdict: True

I rarely get angry or enraged and I sometimes even struggle to show the emotion of “anger” even when it’s needed.

● High level of harm avoidance (as an entrepreneur, I like this)

Harm avoidance is a tendency to gear actions toward things with a low likelihood of potential physical or emotional harm. Individuals with high harm avoidance behavior tend to be more fearful, doubtful, and shy.

Verdict: True

I don’t want to get hurt (does anybody?). But, some would say life is all about taking risks! Unfortunately, I’ve always been one to avoid trying something I don’t think I’d be good at or succeed with. I guess a more positive interpretation of this would be that I have good risk management skills. I’m keenly aware of this trait in day-to-day life when I am forced to engage in high-risk decision making for my own business.

● High gambling tendency (really?)

Gambling, when done within reason, can be an entertaining leisure activity. But excessive and uncontrolled gambling, which is often tied to personality and other disorders, can be extremely dangerous. Early investigations into the link between genetic markers and gambling addiction have found associations, with genes identified in the brain’s reward and impulse control systems.

Verdict: Maybe true…

I don’t engage in gambling for fun, but I can’t deny that I’m taking a huge gamble by starting a business…

● Experience more eudaimonic well-being (= I am happy)

Eudaimonic well-being refers to the satisfaction experienced through self-actualization. Eudaimonism defines well-being through the continued fulfillment of purpose and meaning in life, as well as growth as a human being through that process. It is one of two distinguishable forms of well-being, with the other being hedonic well-being.

Verdict: True

I couldn’t agree with this more. This is kind of my philosophy. I think I’m good at being happy wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. I try to find joy and meaning in my life in simple ways and with small achievements in daily work.

● Experience loneliness more (I need your love)

Loneliness, the negative emotional response to isolation, is on the rise in modern society. How easily an individual experiences loneliness can be influenced by the existence of several genetic markers, but it is largely shaped by a person’s age and environment.

Verdict: Very, very true

I know I am less agreeable. But the team at Genomelink and my friends, please remember that I feel more loneliness. I need your love.

Thoughts on genetic personality…

The friends and colleagues I’ve shown the results to all say that these genetic personality traits are spot on. I myself am surprised by how accurate the results are!

Genomics research that uses bioinformatics to interpret a person’s personality is still in the developmental stages. On the other hand, long-running sociological research in twins has already demonstrated strong evidence of the genetic influence on personality.

Benefits of Taking an Ancestry Test Online Quiz

Sure, an online DNA test free quiz is a fun (and free) addition to your DNA research, but taking one can also provide some important benefits. Thousands of people pay for personality testing every year. Sometimes these tests are required by employers, but many others do it to gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses.

Career Insights

The information you get from an online DNA test free quiz can help guide your academic and professional career. A test could provide insights into your passions, study habits, work environment preferences, and more. 

To get the most from a free personality quiz, complete your ancestry test online quiz and then research the most popular jobs among others who share your personality type.

Better Understanding of Yourself

Have you ever wondered why you react to hardships in certain ways or thrive in some environments better than others? An online DNA test free quiz can help you find out. Understanding yourself more thoroughly can help you better manage your emotions. It can also help you focus your energy on the things you are truly passionate about. 

Of course, a personality test isn’t therapy; it won’t help you resolve deep emotional issues, but it may give you the extra insight you need to increase your confidence and develop compassion toward others.

Learn Better Coping Mechanisms

Understanding your personality traits better with the help of an online DNA test free quiz can lead to a deeper understanding of how you do or don’t cope with stress. 

Stress is one of the biggest health risks you will ever face. You may be one of the lucky people who is genetically predisposed to handle stress effectively, but if you are not, you can help protect your health by understanding your stress-related behaviors better.

Improve Relationships

Almost everyone has either said or been told, “It’s not you; it’s me.” What if some of the challenges you face in relationships are due to your innate personality traits? 

The information gained from an ancestry test online quiz could help you build more satisfying relationships with romantic partners, friends, and work peers. The next time you hit a bump in the road to a happy relationship, stop and ask yourself, “What is my DNA quiz saying about this?”

Maintain Better Physical and Mental Health

You may think it’s a far stretch to say a personality quiz could improve your health, but gaining insight into your mental health — the way you think, feel, and react — affects your physical health too. An online DNA test free quiz may point out underlying problems you have ignored or simply learned to live with over the years.

Don’t miss out on the additional benefits of an ancestry test online quiz. To make the quiz even more meaningful, upload your raw DNA data to Genomelink to check out over 25 personality traits. Some of them are even free, and that’s good no matter what the results of your ancestry online quiz say.

Try it out for yourself!

For those of you with DNA data from 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage:

You can check out your own genetic personality tendencies on your DNA Dashboard after uploading your DNA data to Genomelink. Give it a go!

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Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO