The editors here at Genomelink think it is important that you select the right DNA testing company for your needs. Below is our review of AncestryDNA, in a comparable format to our other review articles.

1. About the Company
2. Test Results and Sample Reports
3. Reviews
4. Cost
5. Upload Raw DNA Data from AncestryDNA

1. About the company

Quick Facts:
Company Name: Ancestry
Foundation Year: 2013
Location: Provo, Utah
Monthly Visits: 55 Million+
Number of Databases: 10 Million+

Ancestry ( has been in the genealogy game since a long time. Back in the day, they authored the Ancestry Magazine and were one of the first companies to computerize family history. In 2012, Ancestry expanded its offerings by providing the AncestryDNA test. The DNA kit is tied directly to their family tree service and is a powerful tool for finding your long-lost relatives. The AncestryDNA kit is one of the most comprehensive DNA ancestry tests around, and the company can also give you access to millions of historical records to help you understand your roots.

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

Below, you can see what to expect from your DNA results with AncestryDNA.

AncestryDNA Report Overview

  • Ethnicity Estimate of populations you are most related to
  • Pie chart of your biggest matches
  • Detailed ancestry matching with over 500 regions
  • Includes common regions like Europe, Ireland, Africa, Scotland, New York, and others!
  • Timeline of historical changes related to your DNA, curated from an expert team of historians
  • Potential migration paths your family may have taken
  • Family connections to your living relatives on the platform

AncestryDNA offers a single package which encompasses all of the above results. After sending in your saliva sample, the company will analyze your DNA test kit. Your AncestryDNA results will be a breakdown of where your genes came from, by region. In addition, you can opt into their subscription service, which curates possible matches to your family tree and gives you access to their large collection of historical records. Further, the service can connect you to your DNA matches, to help you find family members who are also using the service.

Photo is taken from AncestryDNA's resource page

The page below contains a sample report from AncestryDNA, so you know what to expect!
AncestryDNA Sample Report

3. Reviews

AncestryDNA has thousands of reviews, on several different sites. Check them out for yourself!

4. Cost

The AncestryDNA report is $99. However, you can also subscribe to their Family Tree service, ranging from $19 to $45 per month. With these subscription packages, you get access to various historical records and the ability to construct and add to a family tree on the platform. The most basic package gives you access to all the US records available. The higher packages give you access to international records, historic newspapers, as well as access to Fold3, a military records site.

5. Upload Raw DNA Data from AncestryDNA

If you decide to use AncestryDNA, you have a number of options for exploring your DNA further. Just download your raw DNA from Ancestry, then upload it into any of the following websites. Many of them are FREE and can give you much more information about how your genes may be affecting your health, lifestyle, and traits.

Know "More" About Your DNA Data

1. Genomelink — FREE
2. Promethease (genetic health risk)

Ancestry Tests

3. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) — FREE
4. MyHeritage DNA — FREE
5. LivingDNA — FREE
6. GEDmatch — FREE

Nutrition and Fitness

7. Genopalate
8. Athletigen
9. Vintage
10. DNA Fit

To find out more, go to the updated list of uploading websites here!

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