November 12, 2021
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How Does the Ancestry DNA Kit Work?

AncestryDNA provides DNA testing services by using some of the latest autosomal testing technology, including microarray-based autosomal DNA
Tomohiro Takano

Have you ever wondered why your looks or personality seem pretty different from the other members of your immediate family? These traits may have been inherited from an ancestor somewhere down your family line.

One way to keep memories alive and learn about your family history is by sharing the generations’ stories and sifting through old family photos. However, not all of us have access to these memories or photographs. Also, these alone cannot give a complete picture of your family tree – hence the essence of Genetic ancestry testing. 

To use the ancestry DNA kit, you need to purchase the kit online and follow the instructions that come with it carefully. Seal the tube tightly and post it to AncestryDNA. Now keep close attention to your AncestryDNA account for updates on the results. 

In this article we will answer “how does the ancestry DNA kit work” and also go over the following points:

  • What is genetic ancestry testing
  • How to get tested by AncestryDNA
  • How does the AncestryDNA kit work
  • Step by step guide on how to use the AncestryDNA kit
  • Why choose AncestryDNA?

What is Genetic Ancestry testing?

Genetic ancestry testing is a simple means to answer every question you may have about who you are or where certain traits you exhibit come from. It uses your DNA to provide insights into and find everything about your family history, where your ancestors come from, their health history, or specific physical traits. While there are several ways to learn about your family history, one popular available resource is AncestryDNA.

How to Get tested by AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA provides DNA testing services by using some of the latest autosomal testing technology, including microarray-based autosomal DNA testing to survey. This way, the genome from a person’s saliva sample can be analyzed over 700,000 locations to discover their family history.

With advanced DNA science, AncestryDNA can take a step further into predicting and giving insight into your genetic ethnicity, potentially detect your relationship with other users based on submitted samples, and find unknown family connections. It builds a complete picture of your ethnicity going back multiple years.

How does the AncestryDNA kit work

After knowing about AncestryDNA and how they can provide more information about your family history, you may be wondering – how does AncestryDNA work? The first thing you need to do is to place an order and purchase AncestryDNA online. You will then get a DNA test kit including a sample tube for saliva collection, directions for use, a unique activation code, a prepaid mailer to send out samples to AncestryDNA.

For your saliva sample to get through the correct links, you need an online Ancestry account that must be linked to your AncestryDNA test. In case you want to use the kit for children and minors, you can add the account to that of their parent or legal guardian.

Step by step guide on how to use AncestryDNA kit

Step 1:

Enter the activation code that comes with your DNA test kit into your Ancestry account. The code is quite long, and there’s no confirmation process. Ensure you are typing it in carefully. The link between the two enables the account to become a forum where you can view and manage your DNA matches and DNA test results.  

Step 2:

With this done, you should fill in your information, click activate, and proceed to the terms of service. In case you already have an ancestry family tree on AncestryDNA, you should link your kit to it.

Step 3:

Before using the AncestryDNA kit, the instruction emphasizes not eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum for at least 30 minutes. The tube in your kit would have a funnel cap to prevent spillage. It’s pretty straightforward; you need to fill the tube with saliva to the black wavy line. It’s not a glamorous process, but there are directions in the kit that provides you with tips to encourage saliva production, such as placing sugar on your tongue and rubbing your cheeks.

Step 4:

Once the saliva is collected into the tube, replace the funnel with the blue liquid cap. Tighten it to release a stabilizing fluid to keep the sample viable on the move. It may take one or two minutes for all the fluids to be released. Shake the tube for about five seconds and put it in the collection bag.

Step 5:

After you have collected your sample, you should seal the top of the bag, put it in the prepaid shipping box that you received as part of the AncestryDNA kit, and drop it off at the post office. Next, follow your sample via your Ancestry account for updates. With no name on the specimen, the code helps to keep your saliva sample trackable and anonymous.

How you can build a family tree with AncestryDNA

For people who hope to build family trees together by taking the DNA test together and sharing results, AncestryDNA provides a means for a member to manage others’ test results. Although the DNA test belongs to the one who takes the test, they can also assign the management of the results to another member or friend. The role of the one managing the result of others gives them access to view the results from their account without mix-ups. This also applies to minor children who cannot operate their personal AncestryDNA account. You can have multiple kits associated with one account managed from the account.

Why choose AncestryDNA?

Amidst other DNA tests, AncestryDNA has a way of surveying a person’s entire genome over 700,000 locations. Just like Genomelink, it also covers all lineages on both the maternal and paternal sides of the family tree.

AncestryDNA has the same process for both gender and provides an equal level of data from the results. It predicts every relevant and recent genetic background and gives more information about your family’s ethnic history and not ancient history alone.


Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO