The editors here at Genomelink think it is important that users find the right DNA testing company for their specific needs. Using our series of standardized reviews, it should be easy to review each company and pick the one that is best for your needs. Below is a review of LivingDNA, a genetic testing company which specializes in ancestry testing.

1. About LivingDNA
2. Test Results and Sample Reports
3. Reviews
4. Cost
5. Upload Raw DNA Data from LivingDNA

1. About LivingDNA

Quick Facts:
Company Name: LivingDNA
Foundation Year: 2002
Location: Frome, England
Monthly Visits: 300 Thousand+
Number of Databases: Unknown/Not Reported

LivingDNA was founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team David Nicholson and Hannah Morden. Based out of Frome, England, the company is striving to be a leader in genetic ancestry testing, and they aim to be the first company to map and describe a global family tree. In 2017, the company initiated the One Family World Project. This project is amide at eliminating racism through the use of a global family tree, showing us that we are all related no matter the color of our skin. Unlike many companies, LivingDNA promises not to aggregate and sell your genetic data. Instead, they use it for internal research for their One Family World Project and other genetic research. The company offers a 3-1 ancestry test, as well as an optional ancestry book, which details your family history in a convenient coffee table book format.

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

Here is what to expect from your DNA results with LivingDNA.

LivingDNA Report Overview

  • Get a breakdown of your genetic ancestry with several detailed reports
  • Learn about how your family may have migrated around the globe over time
  • Get information on your maternal and paternal family lines, using the mtDNA and Y-DNA tests
  • Get an Ancestry Book, personalized with your reports, to share with family and friends

LivingDNA provides accurate, interesting information on your family history using a variety of sources such as Y-DNA and mtDNA. Plus, the company is unique in that it will publish an ancestry book specifically for you. This is a great addition and can help you easily share your results with anyone you would like. The book is professionally bound, and it makes great reading for anyone interested in their genetic ancestry. It has information on your family ancestry, a migration map, and details on your genetic genealogy. Further, LivingDNA is one of the only companies to make a commitment to keeping your results private. While they do use your data to do research, they do not aggregate and sell your DNA like many companies. The company has a majority of users from the UK, making their results for Europe, British, and Irish ancestry very accurate. Outside of the British Isles, some users have complained about a drop in accuracy due to a small reference population.

If you want more information on what you can expect from a LivingDNA test, check out the link below!
LivingDNA Sample Report

3. Reviews

While LivingDNA does not have many online reviews, several people have left reasonable reviews. See them below.

One of the main user complains with LivingDNA is that their reference populations are biggest in places like Wales, Ireland, and Great Britain. This means that users with ancestors from France, Germany, Italy, or other European countries are not quite as accurate. However, LivingDNA results will get better over time, as they increase the size of their reference populations.

4. Cost

The basic 3-1 DNA ancestry test usually costs $100. This test covers autosomal DNA, as well as mtDNA and Y-DNA sequences. While this is slightly more expensive than some companies, the test is analyzing your mtDNA and Y-DNA for no additional cost. This makes LivingDNA DNA kits a great value for your money. Further, the company often runs promotions which reduces the cost of the test kit further. Plus, for only an additional $69 you can get the professionally-produced Ancestry Book. This book is specific to your personal ancestry and can be a great way to share your results.

5. Upload Raw DNA Data from LivingDNA

LivingDNA focuses on ancestry testing, but they also allow you to download your raw DNA data. Using this raw DNA data file, you can get a plethora of other information from the following sites. Some of these sites allow you to upload your raw data for free, and give you access to information on health traits, disease-causing genes, and lifestyle traits influenced by your genetics. One cheek swab can get you so much more. Check them out!

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