March 14, 2022
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The 17 Best DNA Upload Sites of 2022: Get Additional Analysis of Your Raw DNA File (From 23andMe, AncestryDNA, & MyHeritage)

Here is an up-to-date list of the best DNA upload sites where you can upload raw DNA data to get additional DNA analysis.
Tomohiro Takano

The Key to Your Infinite Potential. If you’ve undergone DNA testing, you can download your raw DNA data and upload it to other DNA sites for additional analysis.

We each have our unique genetic code. And if you’ve tapped into that code – with sites like 23andMe and AncestryDNA – you know the value of learning more about who you are and where you came from. 

The beauty of DNA is that our raw files hold more information about us than is typically provided by sites like MyHeritage or 23andMe. 

Now that you have access to your raw DNA data, you can unlock even more personal information about yourself by simply uploading your file using one of today’s most trusted DNA upload sites. 

The information you can find is limitless.

And the good news? You already have your data. 

So what type of information do you want to know about yourself?

17 DNA Upload Websites You Can Use Now (Including Free Sites)

We all have unique DNA that can affect our responses to everything from how we maintain proper nutrition levels to how we exercise, manage our moods, and even how we love. 

Here, we’ve organized the best 17 DNA upload websites by category, making it easy for you to tap into the specific information you want to know about yourself. 

Start with your raw data from sites like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage and upload it to one of the websites listed here. 

Know "More" About Your DNA Data

1. Genomelink
2. Promethease

Ancestry Test and Family Tree Services

3. GEDmatch
4. MyHeritage DNA
5. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)
6. LivingDNA
7. DNA Land

Contribute to Science

8. Luna DNA
9. SanoGenetics

‍Nutrition and Fitness

10. Genopalate
11. Athletigen
12. Vitagene
13. DNA Fit

‍And More!

14. DNASolves
15. NebulaGenomics
16. My True Ancestry


Know "More" About Your DNA Data

1. Genomelink — Free

‍Price: Free to start. Upgrade is also available to unlock DNA analysis of 200+ unique traits, Ancient Ancestry, Nutrition/Fitness Advice, etc.

Type: A personal DNA cloud, scientific discovery tool, DNA App Store

Category: Ancient Ancestry, Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, Fitness, Physical Traits, Family Finder, Research

“A place where you find everything you can do with your DNA data. Instant access to free trait reports upon uploading your raw data file, with 200+ total trait + unique Ancient Ancestry and Wellness Advice reports available. Plus, the traits dashboard expands every week to reflect the latest of genomics science!”

Genomelink is a DNA App Store where people can access more genetic insights, testing services, DNA-powered products, and medical research using their DNA data file. The unique DNA analysis includes categories of Ancient Ancestry, Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, Fitness and Physical traits. Also, it introduces more app partners for you to maximize opportunities to make full use of your DNA data such as regional-focused ancestry analysis, extended family finder network, and medical research program.

Genomelink Trait Dashboard
This is an example of your Dashboard view on Genomelink. The categories include ancient ancestry, nutrition, personality, intelligence, fitness, and physical traits.

Dashboard view for a popular trait – Waist Size.
Genomelink allows you to upload raw DNA data and explore your DNA in a way that is easy to understand and is fully-backed by the latest scientific findings. This is a Dashboard view for a popular trait – Waist Size.

The DNA results are presented through Dashboard view with a very intuitive and beautifully designed interface. Also, the Detail page lets you dive into more about the science of each trait including access to actual research studies and scientific reliability score. In fact, most Genomelink customers find the vast majority of reports on the platform are accurate.

Also, Genomelink has been adding unique ancestry reports such as the Viking report and 7 Ancient Ancestry reports that come with 7 major group analyses, including Hunter-gatherers / First Farmers / Steppe pastoralists / Indigenous Americans / West African / East Asian / South Asian.

Viking Index
The “Viking Index” indicates your own relationship to the ancient people of Scandinavia who lived 1,000 years ago, and spread out across the world in a series of migrations and raids.

Ancient Ancestry Report
The unique Ancient Ancestry Report reveals how much DNA data and genetic profile you share with your ancient ancestors over 5,000 years ago.

You can try Genomelink for free by uploading your DNA data now. If you like the first 25 trait reports that you get and want more genetic testing, consider upgrading to the $14 per month subscription package. In addition to instant access to over 200 traits, Genomelink has data on, you also get 4 brand new traits every month - delivered to your inbox once a week!

Genomelink accepts DNA data uploads from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage.

2. Promethease

Price: $12

Type: Science Tool

Category: Disease and More

“Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia.”

Promethease directly compares your DNA data with SNPedia, a wiki for human genetics. It provides information on the effects of genetic variants on phenotypes. Information is sourced from peer-reviewed scientific publications.

If you’re new to Promethease, the interface can feel overwhelming, with several medical terms and filter options that may be difficult to understand. Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to use Promethease free DNA analysis and make sense of it. There’s an instruction video available on the homepage as well.

Ancestry Test And Family Tree Services

‍3. GEDmatch

Price: Free

Type: Ancestry

Category: Especially connection- and information-rich for those with European family history

“Tools for DNA and Genealogy Research”

GEDmatch provides DNA and genealogical analysis tools for both amateur and professional researchers and genealogists. The chromosome browser (which matches specific bits of genomes between relatives) is amongst their most popular tools. Millions of users are registered on its relative match database with full contact information, including email address, first name, and last name.

Again, this is a tool where the interface can appear busy with a heavy dose of technical terms. If you’re new to GEDmatch or struggling to make sense of it, use this beginner’s guide for instructions on which GEDmatch functions to start out with. Keep in mind that GEDmatch was recently purchased by Verogen, a forensic science company that helps law enforcement find genetic connections to criminals.

‍4. MyHeritage DNA

Price: Free

Type: Ancestry

Category: Genetic Genealogy

“Amaze yourself — Uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with our simple DNA test.”

Besides 23andMe and AncestryDNA, MyHeritage is one of the most well-known ancestry DNA testing companies with their own genetic DNA testing kits. Over the past 15 years, they have helped millions of people find new family members. Their ethnicity estimates may give you a second opinion about your ethnic roots. MyHeritage accepts DNA data uploads from 23andMe and Ancestry at no cost.

 5. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

Price: Free

Type: Ancestry

Category: Family Finder (Free), Family Ancestry, Paternal Ancestry, Maternal Ancestry

“Family Finder provides powerful interactive tools to help find your DNA matches, trace your lineage through time and determine family connections.”

Family Tree DNA is a great resource to connect to more of your family members for free! If you already have 23andMe, Ancestry, or MyHeritage test results, you can upload your raw DNA data to Family Tree DNA database and gain free access to autosomal matches with other family members in their database. For an additional charge, you can get your DNA tested with Family Tree to unlock your ethnic origins and relationships to ancient groups. Paternal line ancestry (if you’re male) and maternal line ancestry are also individually available (at an additional cost).

‍6. LivingDNA

Price: Free

Type: Family Matching

Category: Ancestry

“Using your DNA we can show you your recent family ancestry, covering up to 15 generations, and your deep ancestry with Motherline and Fatherline (if male) results.”

Living DNA allows you to upload your raw DNA data for free to match with other family members’ autosomal DNA in their Family Networks matching service. To find out more about your DNA through LivingDNA, you can purchase additional genetic DNA testing kits ranging in price from $99 to $168.

‍7. DNA.Land

Price: Free

Type: Traits and Research

Category: Science Research and Innovation

“Know Your Genome. Help Science”

DNA Land is working on scientific research through analysis of human genomes. It is a non-profit run by academics affiliated with Columbia University and the NY Genome Center. You contribute your raw DNA data and DNA Land provides you with ancestry information, trait predictions, and any relatives that may be in their database. DNA Land has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) to better understand the genetic risk for breast cancer.  

Contribute To Science

‍8. Luna DNA

Price: Free

Type: Research

Category: Science Research and Innovation

“LunaDNA is a community-owned platform for health research. Anyone can join the community, share their health data, and receive ownership shares in the organization.”

LunaDNA gives you the opportunity to become directly involved with genetic research. It is a community-owned platform created by the Public Benefit Corporation, Luna PBC, along with a team of genomics researchers. When you share your raw DNA data with LunaDNA, you become part of a database that supports research and large-scale studies with the hope of achieving medical breakthroughs. As a benefit, you receive shares that you can keep or donate. When proceeds are achieved from studies, you receive dividends. They are also creating a currency called Luna Coin, following the trend in digital currency, in order for community members to be rewarded monetarily.  

9. SanoGenetics

Price: Free

Type: Research

Category: Science Research and Innovation

“We believe in a future where medicine is personalized to you, and we need your help to build it.”

Sano Genetics aims to empower important scientific research studies. By creating tools for researchers to analyze vast amounts of anonymous data and allowing for the recruitment of volunteers for research studies, Sano Genetics is a DNA site that provides a platform researchers can easily access, while putting you in control of your DNA data.

Sano Genetics provides its services free to DNA uploaders, including several free genetic reports. When you upload your data to Sano, you also input lots of demographic and health-related information. This helps Sano Genetics determine which research studies your data might be appropriate for.

Nutrition And Fitness

‍10. Genopalate

Price: $89 - $129

Type: Nutrition

Category: Health and Wellness

“Healthy eating, personalized just for you. Discover your ideal intake of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Get a comprehensive list of the 85+ foods that have a nutrition profile that matches best with your genetic-based nutrition recommendations.”

Genopalate analyzes your DNA for nutrition information, so you will know which specific foods are best metabolized and processed by your body. They analyze 104 SNPs to give you a Genopalate Report that includes your ideal intake of certain nutrients. You’ll also get information on genetic variants that influence the foods you eat. You’ll receive a list of 80+ foods chosen specifically for you based on your unique genetic profile. For an additional fee, you can purchase personalized menus based on your genetic information. These can assist you in eating the right kind of foods based on your genes!

 11. Athletigen

Price: Free - $79

Type: Nutrition, Fitness, and Recovery

Category: Health and Wellness

“You know about your past. Now, take control of your future. Nutrition, performance, and recovery markers from your DNA are analyzed to determine which part of the world these genotypes most frequently occur.”

After you upload your raw DNA data for free, Athletigen analyzes your overall health and wellness by looking at how your DNA influences your response to nutrients, performance abilities, and recovery. They have also partnered with the world premier training center, ALTIS, to provide personalized fitness reports for an additional fee. Among the different reports that can be purchased for an additional cost, the ALTIS Sports Performance Report is 35 pages of over 50 markers and 22 traits analyzed specifically for you.

 12. Vitagene

Price: $29- $269

Type: Nutrition, Fitness, Skin, and Supplements

Category: Health and Wellness

“Go beyond genealogy. Upload your raw DNA and discover diet, fitness & vitamin traits + recipes plans designed for you”

Vitagene gives you diet, supplement, skin, and fitness reports personalized from your DNA analysis. These reports help you understand and improve your overall health and wellness.  In addition to the reports, Vitagene takes orders for personalized supplement packages based on your genetic information.

‍13. DNAFit

Price: $49 –$89

Type: Fitness

Category: Food and nutrition, Fitness

“Let’s talk about you — Our groundbreaking DNA test will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever.”

DNAFit focuses on fitness and diet. The genetic traits covered by DNAFit include antioxidant needs, detoxification ability, endurance performance, power, injury risk, recovery from exercise, and more.


And More!

‍14. DNASolves — If you want to help solve crime with your DNA data

Price: Free

Type:  Crime Solving

Category: Criminal + Victim Database

“A database for solving crime”

At, you can contribute to a community of like-minded members who want to help police to identify victims and criminals of serious crimes by using DNA data. In fact, the sole purpose of DNA Solves is to provide forensic investigators a database of DNA samples from people who want to support the mission of solving and reducing crime through advanced forensic techniques. When you upload your DNA data to DNASolves, you will be added to a large pool of other people who want to help police solve the most heinous crimes using the miracle of DNA.

15. Nebula Genomics — For Whole Genome Sequencing

Price: Free to upload, $299 WGS test kit + $20/month subscription

Type: Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis

Category: Health, Nutrition, Research Library

“Begin a lifetime of discovery with full access to your genomic data, weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries, advanced ancestry analysis, and powerful genome exploration tools.”

Nebula Genomics is much different from almost any of the other genetic DNA testing companies on the market. The main difference: 1000x better DNA coverage!

Nebula Genomics is a Whole Genome Sequencing company. Unlike 23andMe and other major companies that measure around 700,000 specific locations within your genes, Nebula reads every single one of your 6 billion nucleotides! While other companies are measuring genes that are being researched now, Nebula knows that eventually, all parts of the genome will be researched. People with a whole genome sequence will be well ahead of the curve - especially when it comes to ancestry and health reports!

‍16. MyTrueAncestry

Price: Free

Type: Ancestry

Category: Ancient Ancestry

“Discover your Ancient Past!”

Most ancestry DNA testing kits focus on your relatively recent ancestors. Uploading DNA to sites like Ancestry and 23andMe typically provides information on your relatives from the past 500 years. Not MyTrueAncestry! This free DNA analysis site uses genetic material found at archeological dig sites to tie you to ancient civilizations that existed well over 1000 years ago. Not only will this show you how you are related to ancient groups of people, but it will help you see how you are connected to all people through an ancient set of common ancestors!


Price: Free — $199

Type: Marketplace

Category: Physical traits, nutrition, personality, intelligence, fitness

“THE APP STORE FOR YOUR GENES — Outsmart your genes with apps that analyze data from any genetic test including 23andMe, and genome sequencing.”

As an app store for DNA data, provides free, confidential storage of your genetic data and access to a large selection of apps that transform this data in. You can also try SelfDecode if you are interested specifically in improving your health. Currently, it partners with companies like LIFE NOME.

‍Did you find anything interesting? I’d love to hear your experiences with the products and services I’ve listed above or anything else you’ve tried. Please tell us your comments and share what you’ve found by emailing us at

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO