June 5, 2019
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5 things you should know before buying Nutrisystem

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Tomohiro Takano

We at Genomelink think it is important to find the right DNA testing company for your needs. As such, we have compiled a number of company reviews for various DNA testing companies. Below is our analysis of the Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint test, in our standardized format for easy comparison.


1. About the Company

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

3. Reviews

4. Cost

5. Raw Data Portability


1. About the company

Quick Facts:

Company Name: Nutrisystem
Foundation Year: 1999
Location: Fort Washington, PA
Monthly Visits: 1.6 Million+
Number of Databases: Unknown

 For over 45 years, Nutrisystem has operated in the weight loss industry. Throughout this time, the company has provided consumers with frozen meals, lean protein meals, weight-loss shakes, and programs to follow. However, Nutrisystem recently entered the genetic testing field with its DNA Body Blueprint product. (Notable companies in this space include Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig; the latter is now also moving into the DNA testing space.) With this test, Nutrisystem provides a tailored diet suited to your unique genetic profile to help you lose weight.


2. Test Results and Sample Reports

Below, you can see what to expect from your DNA results with Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Report Overview

  • The Nutrisystem Report focuses on nutrigenomics - the interface of nutrition and genetics
  • See how your genes affect various metabolic functions
  • Learn how your genetics may affect your ability to process vitamins
  • Get other genetic correlations - such as how strong your sweet tooth is
  • Using your DNA report, build the perfect diet / weight loss plan for your needs!
  • Get high-proteins, whole grains, and your favorite meals


The report you receive from the Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint test will give you an overview of what genetic science can tell you about how your DNA acts with your body’s metabolism. The Nutrisystem program can give you a jumpstart to your dieting. In the report, you will find details like which sources of protein are best for your body, which carbohydrates your body processes the best, and other dietary recommendations. Then, using the Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours food auto-delivery service, you can choose from numerous meal plans and have them sent right to your door (and skip the grocery store)! The Nutrisystem plan is designed to help with portion control, one of the hardest aspects of weight management.

You can also get more information on the Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint on their website.


3. Reviews

Nutrisystem has been rated on a number of different websites. Check out the reviews below!


4. Cost

The Nutrisystem DNA Body Blueprint normally costs $99, though the company runs frequent promotions. With this one-time purchase, you will receive a DNA test kit, which you must complete and mail back to the company within an allotted amount of time.

Once your sample is received by Nutrisystem’s lab, the lab technicians will process your DNA and create a personalized report and weight loss program. The report is available online.

For an additional fee, you can also schedule time with a professional genetic counselor, to discuss and better understand your results. Then, you can order the Nutrisystem diet plan of mostly frozen foods for $10 - $14 per day to have Nutrisystem meals delivered right to your door.


5. Raw Data Portability

While many companies allow you to download your raw DNA data file, Nutrisystem does not seem to have that capability. If you are interested in doing multiple analyses on your DNA, you may want to choose a different company to conduct your initial DNA test. Then you’ll will have the opportunity to learn more from the companies, on things like health, nutrition, fitness, personality and more.

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Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO