September 12, 2019
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5 Things You Should Know Before Using Athletigen

An Athletigen review by experts. Curated information including reports covered, reviews, cost and about free DNA data upload.
Tomohiro Takano

Athletigen is DNA testing for athletes. Founded by Jeremy Koenig and based out of Halifax, the company is focused on providing DNA analysis and recommendations geared toward athletic performance, nutrition, and overall health. Before you jump into an Athletigen test, the editors here at Genomelink have broken down the important things you should know first. 

1. About the Company

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

3. Reviews

4. Cost

5. Other Places to Use Raw DNA Data

1. About the Company

Athletigen was founded in 2014 as a company dedicated to providing athletes with important information out their DNA. Founded by Dr. Jeremy Koenig, the company is like other DNA testing companies in that it offers a DNA testing kit. The kit analyzes DNA data for correlations between your genome and specific outcomes. However, unlike companies that focus on health or ancestry, Athletigen is a sports genetics company. It is used by world-class coaches, athletes, and anyone else wanting to become more fit or improve their overall health.

The company offers a variety of reports covering topics from nutrition to muscle composition. The reports vary in price and offer insights into many different aspects of athletic performance. Check it out!

2. Test Results and Sample Reports

Here are some examples of information you will receive if you purchase any of the following Athletigen reports.


Welcome Report

The Welcome Report is provided for free with the purchase of a DNA kit. The Welcome Report can also be purchased for $20 if you simply want to upload your raw DNA data from another company. Currently, Athletigen accepts raw data from 23andMe and AncestryDNA. 

The Welcome Report gives you a taste of all the other reports offered by the company, allowing you to determine which other reports might be interesting for you to buy. 

Wellness Report

The Wellness Report is equivalent to what other DNA testing services consider a health report. It gives details on genetic risk factors for certain musculoskeletal diseases, genes related to sleep, and other aspects of your general wellbeing. 

Nutrition Report

The Nutrition Report takes a look at how your genetic profile affects the way your body processes nutrients. Using sports genetics, the company provides an overview of how your body digests specific nutrients. They also provide recommendations on diet, to optimize your performance mentally and physically. 

Athletic Report

The first report offered by Athletigen was an earlier version of the Athletic Report. This report details all the aspects of your genetic profile that relate to your athletic abilities. This includes aspects such as muscle recovery, oxygen storage, your power-to-endurance profile, and several other important aspects that may help you become a better athlete.

Optimal Movement and Recovery Report

In this report, Athletigen pairs with the mobility and movement specialist Dr. Kelley Starrett and his program MobilityWOD. The report will show you areas of your body that may be subject to injury based on your DNA data. Then, you will get specific recommendations from Dr. Starrett on which parts of his program may help you avoid injury in these locations, or recover from an injury to these areas. 

ALTIS Sports Performance Report

Like the previous report, the ALTIS Sports Performance Report is a personalized DNA report which includes outside expert opinions. Here, the expert is head coach Dan Pfaff, of ALTIS training gyms. He has personally coached several Olympic gold medalists. This report details aspects of your genetics which influence oxygen-carrying capacity, muscle regeneration, hydration, and other aspects that can affect your performance as an athlete.

3. Reviews

Athletigen has very few reviews online. However, there are a few people who have weighed in on the accuracy of the results and their overall satisfaction, as well as some specifics about specialty reports such as the Optimal Movement and Recovery Report. You can check them out below!

4. Cost

Athletigen offers many different options for getting the information you want. Each report provides a slightly different set of information, as outlined above. If you aren't sure which one is most interesting to you, you can always get the Welcome Report to sample the various aspects of your genetic profile Athletigen can illuminate. 

  • $175 for a DNA kit - includes Welcome Report
  • $20 for Welcome Report -- for people uploading data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA
  • $60 for Wellness Report
  • $70 for Nutrition Report
  • $65 for Athletic Report
  • $80 for Optimal Movement and Recovery
  • $80 for Altis Sports Performance Report

5. Other Places to Use Raw DNA Data

While you can upload your raw 23andMe data or Ancestry raw data into Athletigen, there are many other sites you can use to reanalyze your raw data. Several of the sites can give you some of the same information as, and many of them are free.

To find out more DNA upload sites, check out our article The Best DNA Upload Sites

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO