September 20, 2019
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Everyone’s Favorite “F” word -- FREE! With these sites, you can get a FREE DNA analysis

Love DNA but short on cash? No problem. These FREE sites will allow you to gain new insights into your DNA with a simple DNA upload.
Tomohiro Takano

If you have already had your DNA tested, there are plenty of ways to get more information about your genome for free. 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and other sites allow you to download the results from your DNA test. By uploading this raw DNA data to any of the sites below, you can receive an additional analysis of your genes -- for FREE! 

Check out each company below to see what types of things you can learn!


Genomelink is one of the best options for getting free information about your DNA data. The Genomelink free report includes 25 different traits affected by your genetic variants. These traits are related to nutrition, personality, fitness, health, and more! Genomelink takes raw data from 23andMe, MyHeritage, and You can get started on the Genomelink homepage!


If you are looking for free resources to research your genealogy, GEDmatch is a great choice. It works by comparing your DNA sample to its database of other users. You can use it as a family finder, and it even has a free chromosome browser. The site has a bit of a learning curve, but it allows you to be your own genealogist. Check out our article on how to use GEDmatch. Or, if you're ready to dive into the analysis tools alone, you can head over to the GEDmatch homepage to get started!

Genetic Genie

Using your raw data file, Genetic Genie will analyze specific regions of your genome related to methylation of your DNA and your ability to detoxify your body. Methylation is a process that modifies the expression of your genes by blocking or aiding proteins that cause the gene to be expressed. The DNA results from your genetic data will show how your genes affect methylation, and how your body is able to detoxify toxins. See our article on 5 things to know before using Genetic Genie to get started!


Upload your raw DNA data to this platform to get an ancestry report and a report on different traits your genome predicts you will have. These reports are completely free, and your genome will be aggregated anonymously into the DNA.LAND database for scientists to research and find more genetic correlations. 

DNA.LAND recently re-launched its platform. Once an academic endeavor started by researchers at Colombia University, the platform recently announced it would become a separate, for-profit endeavor. While the same researchers run the project, they are no longer associated with any university. 


LunaDNA is a little different from other companies, in that they do not offer genetic genealogy, nor are they a DNA testing company that offers DNA kits. With LunaDNA, when you upload your raw DNA file you become a shareholder in the company. The company sells your aggregated information, and it pays you a dividend as if you were a financial investor. See how it works in our article about LunaDNA. While other companies are making money off of your genome, LunaDNA is the only one that will pay YOU for the use of your genetic information!


FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is a company that allows you to learn about your genetic heritage with DNA upload. While the company does sell a number of genealogy-related tests, it also gives you a free chance to search for matches on its platform after your raw data is uploaded. Learn more about the company in our article, 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying FamilyTreeDNA.


MyHeritage, one of the largest testing companies, offers DNA matches to users who choose to upload their data from another company. While their DNA testing services will still cost, you can look into your family history by searching for matches within their user database for free, and connect with an unlimited number of matches. You will not have access to ethnicity estimates, the chromosome browser, or other tools without purchasing their MyHeritageDNA kit. If you like, read our full review of MyHeritage.


Like the other ancestry companies, LivingDNA allows you to upload your DNA sample for free to search through their Family Network user database. This allows you to search for family members within their extensive database. LivingDNA also offers a cool ancestry coffee-table book - available for purchase - which shows how your ancestors migrated and where they came from. Check out more about the company in our LivingDNA review article.

Other Places to Use Your Raw DNA Data

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the free reports detailed in this article, you may want to take a look at other options for your raw data. While the sites below charge for their services, they are typically much cheaper than your original DNA test results. Using your DNA file, these companies can deliver a wealth of information about your genes!

1. Promethease (genetic health risk)

2. Genopalate (nutrition)

3. Vitagene (nutrition)

4. DNA Fit (fitness)

To find out more DNA upload sites, check out our article "The Best DNA Upload Sites"

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO