October 9, 2019
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Genomelink Review: What Our Customers Say | Genomelink

A Genomelink review snapshot of what our users say about us as we strive to help you understand your DNA identity.
Tomohiro Takano

Hi there Genomelink family and fans alike, 

I would like to introduce myself and share some exciting insights with you. I lead the User Experience Research here at Genomelink, and after talking with over 100 users, would like to share some insider knowledge on what exactly is being said about us. 

We believe one of the best ways to grow successfully is to deeply understand both our strengths and where we can continue to improve. We would like to extend an extra thank you to all of our users who have given us feedback and/or written us a review.

With that being said … let’s jump straight into the top 3 favorite things I hear our users say about us!

1. Fun information 

Having a better understanding of yourself means having a comprehensive understanding of your genetic predispositions and what dna tests can offer! Trait reports can range from deeper level health traits to physical traits to fun personality facts (like our neuroticism trait). Many of which also double as good conversation starters with friends and family!

Knowing your “agreeableness”,  “morningness”, or even your “caffeine consumption” are popular traits our users enjoy. 

“Genomelink is a really fun way to get new traits each week. I have been enjoying it and have recommended it to friends who have their genetic data.” (Aimee; September 10, 2019)

A Genomelink tip: don’t forget to look for our Compare feature, which allows you to directly compare your trait results with up to 5 friends and/or family members!

“I'd like to personally thank genome link. It's helped our family uncover some interesting characteristics. It's been fun to see who has what trait too.” (Shannon; September 11, 2019)

2. Unique traits 

At Genomelink, we strive to stand out by the traits we provide our users, and so far it seems like we are doing well at that. Giving traits our users haven’t seen elsewhere is something that keeps us special.

“Genomelink has been very useful to see what traits I have and see the different markers that show why the tendency is that way. It's very cool!” (Michael; September 10, 2019)

Another cherry on top our users enjoy is our weekly trait emails! By simply uploading your raw data, the learning never stops at Genomelink. On top of our defined trait reports you get immediately with signing up, our users continuously look forward to and enjoy our fun new weekly traits.

“‘I love getting the new traits every week, it’s nice to get them and they explain very clearly how they do or don’t affect you.” (Inez; September 11, 2019)

“Very informative really enjoy the Tuesday free trait day. Would recommend this service to everyone.” (Danielle, September 10, 2019)

3. We keep it simple, simple, simple!

Our interface is something we have worked very hard on making user friendly.  Genetics is already confusing enough, so there is no need to make your genetic testing experience any more complicated.  Our users enjoy interacting on our interface, and appreciate the simplicity we provide in how we share your genetic information with you.

“Lots of information and easy to use once I got into the web site.” (Nancy; September 11, 2019) 

“Great website to get insights on your genome. You upload you genome and they will give you some information about your DNA based on scientific research. The UI is very clean and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.” (Raphaël; September 10, 2019)

There are many other features our users enjoy, but these top 3 sum up the trending values I see our users talk the most about in how Genomelink has stood out in their genetic testing experience. 

Have 23andMe, Ancestry.com, or MyHeritage? You can try Genomelink if you have not already, by signing up and uploading your raw dna data. After all, your first 25+ traits are free, so what do you have to lose?

Also check out our Trustpilot reviews page, where you can see an extended list of what our users have to say about us! 

Thank you for supporting Genomelink! 

Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
Co-Founder and CEO