September 20, 2021
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7 Best Nutrition DNA Tests To Understand Your Wellness & Health

Nutrition is complex! These 7 nutrition DNA tests help you understand how DNA influences your ability to digest certain foods and nutrients.
Tomohiro Takano

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle, but few people use all of the tools available for understanding nutrition and wellness thoroughly. If you are serious about forming a healthy lifestyle, you should consider a genetic DNA testing company specializing in nutrition instead of an expensive dietitian. All you need is a cheek swab! Everyone has a different genetic makeup that control various aspects of your digestive system. Thus, we should all get the best DNA test for health and fitness and eat diets catered to our unique genomes. Welcome to Nutrigenomics – DNA analysis for wellness and health!

Nutrition DNA Test Reviews

Check out the companies below to find the best DNA diet test so you can have a nutrition plan suited for your genes:


Price: $69 - $169

Report Types: Nutrition, Custom Diet Creation

Genopalate was formed in 2016 by several geneticists and nutritionists. Based out of Wisconsin, the company takes a look at genetic variants you carry which are related to your ability to digest different nutrients, such as fatty acids or vitamins. Then, using a completely personal profile, the company can even design meal plans based on your genetic profile at a cost of $10 per meal. If you have not taken a DNA test, you can buy a genetic DNA testing kit from GenoPalate for $169. If you have a raw DNA data file from another company, you can upload your data and get an analysis for only $69.

See our Genopalate DNA nutrition test review for full details or visit Genopalate.


Price: $20 - $80 per report

Report Types: Athletic performance, Health + Wellness, Sports Injury Risks, Nutrition

Athletigen is a company focused on athlete health and performance. The company provides a number of genetic DNA testing reports that can help you improve your general wellbeing, as well as a report about nutrition. The recommendations for Athletigen are meant to make you feel great, both physically and mentally. The nutrition report is $70, and the other reports on athletic performance range from $20 to $80.

See our Athletigen review for full details or visit Athletigen.


Price: Free - $14/month

Report Types: Health, Wellness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Athletic Performance

With Genomelink, you get a little bit of everything. You can get reports on your health risks, wellness and lifestyle traits, as well as details about different aspects of your nutrition – like food allergies, your ability to retain certain micronutrients, and the macronutrient type you tend to (over)eat. Simply by uploading your raw data, you will get a free report with 25 traits covered. Then, for $14 a month you can get immediate access to 140+ traits plus a weekly digest of traits straight to your email inbox! These reports can help you understand the latest scientific research findings on your nutrition and wellness.

See Genomelink DNA Nutrition Test Reports now!


Price: $49 - $259

Report Types: Vitamin intake/processing, Ancestry, Exercise, Health + Wellness

Vitagene started as a supplement company, tailoring specific vitamin and supplement regimens to users' DNA. Now, the company offers a range of other reports, including reports on skin health, ancestry, and exercise. Thy offer the best DNA diet test reports that detail how your body will respond to certain foods, while their vitamin report tells you what supplements you should be taking based on your genetic variants. You can get started by uploading the raw DNA data you receive from a genetic DNA testing kit and get your first report for $49. Or, you can dive in and buy their vitamin subscription service, which will send vitamin packages straight to your house, for $259.

See our Vitagene review for full details or visit Vitagene.

Fitness Genes

Price: $49 - $199

Report Types: Athletic performance, Nutrition

Fitness Genes is very similar to Athletigen, in that they focus on athletic performance. DNA analysis and test results focus on genetic information related to nutrition, sports injuries, weight gain, caffeine metabolism, and other performance-related traits. They can even help you design a workout plan from your DNA profile! If you upload your raw data from 23andMe, MyHeritage, or AncestryDNA testing kit, you can get a nutrition and exercise report for only $49. If you haven’t done genetic DNA testing yet, you can order their DNA kit for $199.

See our Fitness Genes review for full details or visit Fitness Genes.


Price: $64 - $164

Report Types: Nutrition, Sports Injury Risks, Exercise

DNAFit can help you lose weight and get in shape. Their reports can help you build a diet and exercise routine based on your genetic markers. They offer the best DNA test for weight loss and their reports include things like your ability to process vitamins, food sensitivities you may have, and what sports-related injuries you may be susceptible to. Using all of this, DNAFit customizes a diet and exercise plan which you can use to lose weight. For only $64, you can upload your raw data and get access to these personalized reports. If you have not been tested previously, the reports cost from $89 to $164 for the DNA testing kit and the DNA analysis reports.

See our DNAFit review for full details or visit DNAFit.


Price: $29 - $149

Report Types: Nutrition, Fitness, “Superhero”

Orig3n offers the best DNA test for health and wellness and they focus on health and wellness traits broken into 3 different types of reports. The Fitness report is $149, which includes genetic data related to body fat, muscle composition, blood pressure, and other physical traits. The Nutrition report is also $149, and covers things like carb intake, vitamins and minerals, and caffeine sensitivity. The company also offers the “Superhero” report for $29, which can show you your strengths in intelligence, strength, and speed.

Visit Orig3n.

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Tomohiro Takano
Tomohiro Takano
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